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Eleaf Istick Pico X Kit

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Eleaf iStick Pico X has attracted many users from all over the world these days. The device has been taken this pace due to its friendliness and its convenience. It is a very small device fitted with batteries that comes with all the needed accessories you need, the devices are available in categories, from the beginner to the advanced users.


When it comes to the world of iStick you can never go wrong with Eleaf iStick Pico, this is one of the best brand names around the world. Eleaf iStick Pico has significantly reduced the size when you make a comparison with other devices in the same category which makes it quite comfortable regardless of the size of your hands.

This device has a smart technology which regulates the temperature which may arise from the coils. The bypass and temperature coefficient of resistance modes help in the control of the temperature. This device gives the user a very pleasurable experience with outstanding features that are included.


Eleaf iStick Pico has outstanding features which makes it easy and very convenient to use. Here are the best features;

  • Reduced size
  • When it comes to size, you can appreciate that Eleaf iStick Pico has a quite reduced size which includes the ELeaf Melo Tank. This cannot be a problem even if your hands are small; it will be able to fit in just well. Another advantage of this size is that it can easily fit in your pocket.

  • Larger OLED display
  • The OLED display fitted on this device is large enough; you can be able to read the information on the display even if you have eye problems. The OLED display shows the information about the set temperature, the voltage and the puff timer.

  • 3 memory modes
  • This device has 3 memory modes to choose from, all these modes have a different temperature coefficient of resistance which can be changed when you change the mode. The TCR is changed easily, you just need to press the fire button five times quickly and then press the + button with the fire button at the same time and the TCR will change according to the selected mode

  • Melo 4 mini tank
  • The device includes a Melo 4 tank which a capacity of 2 ml. The tank is made up of a stainless steel drip tip which is very thick to be able to regulate the temperature of the device even if it is used for a long time at a very high wattage. It is fitted with two coils which are made of Kantai wire which works perfectly when it comes to temperature control if used well. The tank has an airflow controlling fitted at the lower part that makes it possible for straight-to-lung hits. The fitted coil heads also give out a very good flavour and vapour.

  • Ability to Upgrade
  • With this device, you can be able to upgrade it to better versions, this involves downloading the firmware of the device and using the micro-USB port you can connect to the computer and follow the instructions provided to upgrade your device.


    These are the specifications of Eleaf iStick Pico

    • 75W power output
    • Firmware upgrade
    • Bypass mode feature
    • 3.5-ohm atomizer resistance range
    • Supports nickel, titanium and stainless steel
    • Three memory modes(TCR)
    • LCD display
    • Three-button operation
    • Micro-USB port
    • Melo 4 mini tank

    Battery specifications

    This device does not come with the battery though. However, the battery that is used is so popular. You can use the normal 18650 battery; it is a great size for this device


    • Eleaf iStick Pico caters for both beginners and the advanced user.
    • The device is quite sizable, just with a size of 45 mm by 23 mm by 70.5 mm, a size which allows you to carry it easily in your pocket.
    • The 18650 batteries are replaceable which makes it really convenient to use for longer journeys or days out.
    • The location of the charger port at the bottom enables the user to charge while the device is upright.
    • The device can be able to vary the wattage and it has the temperature control feature which enables you to control the temperature of the device.
    • The display on the device is of high quality and large which enables you to see clear the information displayed on it.
    • You can easily upgrade the device, you only have to download the firmware of the device on the computer and connect it with a USB to make n upgrade, this means you don %۪t need to keep buying a new one


    This device has some undoing too; here are a few cons that are experienced in the device

    • It can be difficult when it comes to removing and replacing the cap while the atomizer is still connected.
    • The adjustment buttons are quite small, hence it can be a little bit difficult to maneuver easily, this can be hard for someone who has larger fingers, and they can keep pressing either the wrong button or pressing more than one at a go.


    This device comes with great features which gives you the best experience just with an affordable price. The upgrading technology is quite convenient when it comes to affordability.

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